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  • Jordan Lyall

    Jordan Lyall

    Product Lead (#DeFi), ConsenSys

  • Ryan Hussey

    Ryan Hussey

    Please buy my book to prove my dad wrong. https://www.amazon.com/Divine-Intervention-Ryan-Hussey/dp/1727834429

  • Rand Engel

    Rand Engel

    Rand Engel directed Balkan Sunflowers in Kosovo 1999–2015. He has been published in the Boston Globe, Baltimore Sun, New York Times, and in Kosovo publications.

  • Austin Vashaw

    Austin Vashaw

    Film yakker, wisecracker, tact lacker. Contributing Editor at Cinapse. http://letterboxd.com/VforVashaw

  • Susan Brearley

    Susan Brearley

    EIC-MuddyUm-Contemplate-Garden of Neuro.20X Medium top writer. Writing comedy since Age 3. Founder, Garden of Neuro. Edited once by Ev Wiliams. He found a typo.

  • MacKenzie Scott

    MacKenzie Scott

    Mom, writer, advocate.

  • Christian Svanes Kolding

    Christian Svanes Kolding

    Filmmaker, Writer, Artist. My work has been in MoMA. On Medium, I write speculative fiction, humor and the occasional essay. From Copenhagen, lives in NYC. πŸ‡©πŸ‡°

  • Stephen M. Tomic

    Stephen M. Tomic

    Fiction writer, Founder of The Junction : smtomic@gmail.com https://stephentomic.medium.com/membership

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